Service and Repair



Coming home to a well that is not functioning properly or worse, no water, is never any fun. We offer full service diagnostic and repair to all of your water well components. From pump failures, faulty pressure switches, bad pressure tanks and much more, our licensed technicians can get your well up and running again promptly.


Your pressure tank plays a key role in the proper functionality of your pump. When a pressure tank goes bad it can cause a ripple effect of damage to your other components. We offer a variety of styles and sizes including bladder/diaphragm tanks and non bladder tanks (galvanized and fiberglass) Let our technicians help you decide what size and type of tank is right for your needs.  ***We also sell and install storage tank systems for customers who need a large reserve.

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With extensive knowledge of a wide variety of pumps including both single and three phase, submersible pumps, booster/jet pumps, constant pressure systems, solar and more, there is rarely a problem we have not experienced or repaired before. We primarily use Franklin Electric products but, should you have a specific brand in mind, we make all of the major brands available to you.

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Most groundwater will need some variation of filtering. Whether you are in the market for a system to better the quality of your water or in need of repair on your current system, we've got you covered. There are very few systems we cannot service. Click below for more information on softeners and filtration we offer.

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If your water well and/or components are in need of repair, we have the products and knowledge to get you up and running again. We carry most common parts on our service trucks as well as have an even bigger variety of parts at our store location in Decatur.