Water Softeners play a major role when it comes to keeping your appliances running smoothly. Hard water causes more headaches than just spots on dishes. It can shorten the lifespan of your appliances by causing build up inside your plumbing and fixtures, slowing the water flow. Calcium builds up on your heating elements in your hot water heater or clogs the filter in your tank-less heating system, clogs your ice maker, dishwasher, washing machine and more.  Hard water not only causes problems with your appliances and plumbing but also can be a cause of dry skin and hair. By using what is referred to as an ion exchange process, softeners remove calcium from the water prior to it entering your home, ensuring that all of your appliances will be free from build up. With soft water, you can use less soaps and detergents because it suds much easier, saving you money on your cleaning products. Many customers also report a great improvement in the taste of their water as well as softer skin and hair. 


Many people have heard of reverse osmosis, if you haven't, you have probably purchased a product that has used it. It is a filtering process using up to 5 different stages of purification. This process is used by many bottling companies to filter the water you buy at the store. You can have the same process take place under your kitchen sink. Stop worrying about having to pick up water at the store, the cumbersome 5 gallon bottles for your dispenser and the dispenser itself taking up space. A reverse osmosis system purifies your water, ridding it of chemicals such as chlorine, minerals effecting taste and smell such as calcium, sulfur, iron, sodium and more. Whether on a water well system or city water, a reverse osmosis system could be your money saving solution.


Iron is another common problem. It builds up in plumbing, fixtures and appliances causing many of the same problems as hard water. One of the most common complaints of high iron content in water is the red or brown staining that can become permanent on anything your water contacts if not cleaned very often. It also builds up inside the water line itself reducing the amount of water flow able to come through the pipes. The remedy for this issue is an Iron Breaker, a self cleaning system that oxidizes the iron and filters it out of the water. 


Sediment can be a very common issue with a water well, particularly in certain areas. The aquifer, which is what your well is tapped into, actually consists of water sand in many regions. Most, if not all of that sand is filtered out in the well due to the packing and screens installed when the well is drilled. In some instances, due to many varying factors, an additional filter is needed. That is where a Turbidex comes in. It is a self cleaning system designed to catch sediment particles that may occasionally or consistently come up from the well. 


Have you ever experienced what many refer to as a "rotten egg" smell in your water? Do you notice it in the hot water, cold water or both? If the smell is coming from both the cold and hot water or from just the cold side, your water could have sulfur in it. It is a common problem in many areas so thankfully, we have a remedy. A sulfur removal system works similarly to an Iron Breaker; it oxidizes the water and filters out the sulfur using a carbon media or similar. A "rotten egg" smell coming solely from the hot water will be a separate issue in which we also have solutions.


If you retrieve your water from a source  other than groundwater such as a lake, pond or creek, you may be in need of a water disinfection system. Public water supply systems also require a disinfection system to be in compliance with TCEQ regulations. We offer a variety of types and sizes of chlorination systems, UV treatment systems and more. Whatever your water care needs, we are here to help. 

If you are having an issue with your water that is not addressed on this page, please give us a call at our office, we'd love to speak further about your situation. 


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